Algo Trading

If you want to place the orders automatically, then you can simply click on the basket order button through KITE / UPSTOX buttons. Keep following rules in mind.

  1. Click on the button exactly at 9:15:01 AM. Right after market opens, before it, the order will be rejected by broker. Place the order within 10 seconds of market open to gain maximum benefits, else few stocks may already come out of the trading zone.
  2. You can leave the order as it is without seeing it for whole day, however make sure to close / cancel any open orders before 3:15PM to avoid any extra charge by Brokers.

Please keep in mind the algo only puts the order in your trading account and has no responsibility after that interface of placing order.

Manual Trading

  1. The script selection and levels given are derived from algorithmic based formulas. The Backtesting data shows its risk-reward ratio, win-loss ratio and Return% by considering equal capital for all the script for the day.
  2. Levels will be generated at 9.12AM, you will be provided with 5 or more scripts every day. Choose your tradeable scripts wisely out of it. Note that algo choses stocks listed in FnO category and all the levels are provided for Intraday Trading purposes. (All levels mentioned here are equity cash prices)
  1. You are required to place your order as per levels mentioned right after market open. Safe Traders can wait till 9.20AM before placing their orders.
  2. Enter into trades only at specified levels instead of jumping onto the trades thinking you might miss the opportunity. Taking safe trades is the first priority instead of entering into wrong trades.
  3. If any script hits target first instead of giving entry, avoid the script and move on to next script.
  4. If you are pro-subscriber of TradingView then do, follow our TH indicator on it for visual interface.
  5. Our safe target is Target 1, However as a trader you can trail your stop loss for Target 3.
  6. If you miss the entry point and script starts reaching at SL level, at that moment also you can place your order with specified SL. Once SL is crossed then avoid that script and move on to next script.
  7. Since, all these are derived based on algorithmic formulae, you need to follow strict money management policy. Only trade scripts if you are capable of trading at least 3 scripts into futures or cash market (all prices mentioned are for equity cash prices), this will increase your chances of booking good profits every day. No Trades should be without Stop Loss in place.
  8. You should calculate your position sizing by dividing your risk taking capacity with Stop Loss points. Eg. If your risk taking capacity is Rs.2000/- and SL is of 5 points then you should enter into trade with 400 quantity of shares. (future traders too can use similar formula)
  9. Since these are not any advisory calls or advices, so don’t expect constant support when to enter and exit, this is only about levels and probabilities. It can be considered as trading as per algorithmic levels and selection which can give cumulative result in time. Incase of any improvement, suggestions or advice, you can mail us at
  10. It is advisable for future and cash traders to first try out the way of trading the scripts as per levels for a week or two with small quantities to accurately judge themselves with their capital and how many scripts to trade.
  11. All the information provided are for educational and learning purpose, we hereby not take any responsibility for any profit or loss made out of it when you trade it. Also read our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy before moving forward.