Dear Newbies,

** Materials linked here are not TradersHunt’s proprietary, we take pride in thanking them for providing everyone of us with such materials and learning experience. To all the authors and writers, A Big Salute **

We welcome you to our website. We have observed that lot of newbies have got a psychology that share market is get-rich-quickly thing and money can be made easily which needs just 2-3 days of learning to be successful trader. Keep one thing in mind, there is no shortcut to earn money. Learning trading is like starting a new course, remember, how you grown up, from nursery to school to college and then job. We join job as trainee and gradually get experience and then we are up for all the rewards life throws at us. Trading too has same concept, for you to earn consistent profit, first learn from basics and master it gradually everyday. Practice it and get experience and the reward will be huge. Trading is more about psychology and analysis. Always keep following points in mind whenever you are going to make trade in future.

To make your life easy we have taken best from all successful traders materials for newbies. Please keep one thing in mind, only those become successful who strive to work hard and are passionate. Half Cooked knowledge destroys everything. So We will advice you to go through these materials step by step and try to learn every aspects of trading. Candle Patterns, Support & Resistance, Trendlines and Fibonacci alongwith DISCIPLINE are enough to make you successful trader. We hope, you will go through these materials and enjoy your trading after learning. We are giving few links for same topics, follow with whatever you are comfortable with.

1) Candlestick Patterns


#2 Candlestick Guide

#3 Mastering Candlesticks

#4 Technical Analysis Using Candlesticks

#5 Candlestick pattern by Steve Nison (available with google search)

# Pinbar Trading Guide

2) Support and Resistance

#1 Support & Resistance – How To Draw

#2 Watch “[Hindi] How to draw and use Support and Resistance

#3 Watch “[Hindi] How to draw and use Support and Resistance

#4 Support & Resistance Levels

#5 Support and Resistance

#6 Supply and Demand

3) Trenlines

#1 How to Draw Trendlines




4) Fibonacci

#1 Truth About Fibonacci

5) Techniques

#1 Breakout Trading Techniques

#2 Price Action Reversal Techniques

Below books are something which has almost everything about Price Action;

#1 Ultimate Guide to Price Action

#2 Support and Resistance by Micheal Thomsett

We hope you will like these materials and the methodology to learn Price Action. Remember, there is sea of materials for everything, but instead of going for having everything. Try to read few and practice more. Choose anyone option from above subject and start reading and practicing. Move on from one subject when it seems to you that you have cracked few things about it.

We wish you all the best.

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