Catch Bulk Deals / Institutional Buyings

Catch Bulk Deals/Institutional Buying during the Day

Most of the times, we miss out early morning movements then we wait for trade entries elsewhere, if we can catch the movements just before any bulk deals or institutional buying we can generate good profits for ourselves. In order to  catch such movements, we have devised a new screening methodology which will list down all the stocks gaining momentum based on buying through bulk deals. However, you need to use this new screening after specified time mentioned on the sheet. If you will find any new scrip in Top 5, it is surely going to give you good movements at those specified time.

A New Sheet named ‘Hot Deals’ has been added into TH Screener and it will show you scrips getting momentum as shown in below image;


Keep in mind to follow charts before entering into any trade. We will be also mailing the user manual for our screener very soon.

Happy Trading.


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  1. Dear Saquib,

    You continue to enthrall one and every one who trades, and always there is a pleasant surprise. May god bless you with lots of peace, abundance and everything that you and family seek at all times brother. I havent checked it yet have strong belief and trust in your intent which you have always stayed ahead with.


  2. Awesome Sir,

  3. A very good screener that boost the confidence while trading. Thank you

  4. Execellet work.

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