"We offer Free Intraday Screener, Positional Trading Screener and lot of features which makes trading easy and simple. Right now, our focus is only towards intraday trading or positional trading. We screen only those stocks which are listed in Futures and Options. The Intraday Screener data is strictly for Intraday Trading educational purposes."

Algo Trading Strategy

Algo Based Trading Strategy

Trading randomly into different stocks without ascertaining their levels, indiscipline and without a clear strategy are some of the inconsistencies which results into losses. TH Algo screens stocks and provides its level to trade with semi-auto function.

Index Trading

Index & Commodity Trading

Index positional trading on Nifty and BankNifty is one of the toughest trading. Similarly, commodity trading is very tedious work due to inventory days and long trading hours. We tried to simplify both using our newly built apps.





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